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The Collective 

Vibrancy is an in Harmonie initiative, aiming to bring creatives from across south africa together to experience rest, restoration and reconciliation. 


With this as the backbone, the in Harmonie dream for creatives came true in 2018, when they hosted the first songwriting retreat with Rita Springer, inviting creatives from across South Africa. representing diverse languages, cultures, denominations, churches, genres etc. vibrancy, a collective of creatives was born. 


In 2019, VIBRANCY opened up the invitation to all forms of creativity and had a bunch of artists, photographers, designers and of course song writers coming together. Malcolm du Plessis (Common Hymnal)  joined us via Skype one evening and encouraged the creatives to get outside of the box and to start creating with a social consciousness.

In 2020, we hosted our first online creative experience with the focus on Lament. David Gungor (The Brilliance), Aaron Niequist and Langa Mbonambi shared their hearts with a group of 40+ creatives. The creatives were encouraged to co-write their own lament, and out of these courageous moments, powerful songs were born. 





2020 05 14-15, 20 Songwriting Retreat (O


'The enemy heard a

rumour about us.'

-Rita Springer 




The First Album to come out of Vibrancy aims to bring songs to South Africa with themes of Rest, Restoration and Reconciliation. The song writers came from different cultures, denominations and races, writing these songs from a place of vulnerability, building relationships which formed bridges of reconciliation and as a result a glimpse of heaven was locked into music. With God at the center, unity came naturally as our diversity were celebrated. We hope to see all South Africans sing these anthems, declaring healing and victory over the current issues and situations of our country.


"Vibrancy is more than just songs, it’s more than just an idea, more than just a movement. Vibrancy is about relationship. It’s about family. A group where we celebrate our differences and diversity, 

Everyone adds value and everyone is loved."








Tot stilstand 

in just one moment

LEast of these 


The Art - Gideon Nel 

"I not only had the privilege to participate in this special week, but also co-wrote

a song on the album – “Tot Stilstand” – with Carlyn Ganz and created the art and

design work for the album. With the aim to create not only a unique album cover,

but an expansive, vibrant visual language for the whole Vibrancy campaign, I

decided to paint seven paintings, one for each song on the album. The aim of the

artworks were to capture the essence of each song in a timeless, abstract way

through colour, form and composition.

My hope is that these songs and these artworks will ignite inspiration, restoration

and renewal in the places, communities and hearts that need it most."


The Art


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