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Mégan Schilder & Ndumiso Manana

 “I found myself writing this song at the end of a very long season I found myself in.  At the Song Writing Retreat at in Harmonie, I remember Rita Springer encouraging us to pair of and write songs together. I remember feeling that I didn’t have anything to offer and that I wasn’t able to contribute anything authentically. I went off by myself, and found myself lying down on the ground, talking and even screaming to God, singing anything that came to mind. I felt like I was staring unbelief in the face and I still needed to say that God was good. It felt like a very vulnerable and scary place to be. Up until that point I was struggling with if I could really trust God. If I’m going to say this, will I be able to sing this for the rest of my life. And in just one moment, through the pure grace of God, I found the courage to call Him fascinating. The magnitude of what this song meant for me, I just know I was very honest with it and that matter to me the most. My hope for this song is that everyone will know that in just one moment my heart has known, that my brother is a masterpiece and my friend a work of art. “

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