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Lebohang Kgapola, Ndumiso Manana, Rashid Adams

This song was inspired by a story based on gang leaders and drug dealers. Lebohang was deeply touched as her community is struggling with drugs. (Nyaope boys) Seeing so many people struggling with poverty and drug abuse, she questioned herself asking, what is she doing as a worshipper for her community. With this in mind, Lebohang, Ndumiso and Rashid started writing a song that will minister to these people. Ezekiel 37 talks about the dry bones and how they were called to live. The soul of these people are dead, hopeless, almost like dead men walking. She was confronted by the question, ‘do I also join in the with this narrative, or do I bring a different message?’ and as she responded, the first line of the song bubbled into her spirit: ‘Mighty warrior, the Lord is with you.’ Singing it over all the lost and broken. We are calling out the dry bones, singing “Vuka” (Arise). Awaken to who you are. This is part of the power that the song carries. Our hope for this song is  that it will minister to the lost. That people will awaken and respond to salvation. That they are not a lost case. God is a restorer and that is where He proves Himself as mighty. 


We feel that this song carries a great anointing, truly capturing what we believe is on God’s heart. He came for the lost, He came for the broken and as we as a country come face to face with the giants of drug abuse and poverty, we know that He has an army, and He is calling us to be His mighty warriors. He wants to make everyone whole. He cares about and sees every person. We pray that this song will awaken the lost to the knowing that they are loved, chosen and mighty. 

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