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Andriette de la Harpe, Simangele Mashazi, Thami James, Karien de Waal

Ngizokuphumuza (I will give you rest)is a promise as firm as any other in the Bible. Even as the song was taking form we had a desperate yearning for that rest! We are busy, we are tired and we constantly need to be reminded that God calls us into his rest. There’s  a time to work hard and fight for causes but there is a need to go back to the one who loves us most and sit at his feet and know that right here, right now, we have everything. We are safe, we are loved and we can let our defences down. 


Writing a song in Afrikaans and Zulu created a very interesting dynamic, given the history of our country. This song pushes into that tension, with the contrast of a lullaby. There is such a beauty in trusting the Lord to communicate his heart through these two diverse languages. We spoke about adding English to the song but felt that it would have taken away from the dept of the message. It was amazing how the group was impacted by the song. How this song transcended what you didn’t understand. We appreciate the medium of English for helping us communicate when we can’t do it any other way, but as South Africans, it’s nice to just swim in our multilingualism. Given the context and the connotations that these languages speak to, we hope that the Father’s heart will transcend over and above all these issues, bring healing and most of all rest. 

We hope when you listen to this song you will feel the peace that comes from knowing this in your heart and soul. We are loved with an everlasting love.

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