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CJAY, Lesego Senwamadi, Marius du Randt, Francois de Beer

Throughout the retreat, a specific line that Rita Springer said, continued to resonate with these song writers: “The enemy heard a rumour about us. And this rumour is true.

We are going to change the world”.


With this theme in mind, Lesego, while moving to the beat of the music, sang the line that became the anthem:


As the brilliance of Your light breaks forth, darkness is our dance floor!


The song is about unity. The enemy wants to bring division within the church, but we will dance over the enemy, victoriously! We want to bring light into the darkness and not cause division among ourselves. Our hope for the song is that it brings perspective and reconciliation. One is really a song about how our differences should bring us together rather than separate us. We hope to see everyone singing along with this song, that people may encounter God and His love.

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